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Our research team has delivered over a 1,000 quiz events in the last 20 years. We are sharing ALL that and more content with you in the form of themed quizzes . Take these quizzes as often as you want. 

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Seema Chari

Seema describes herself as a Jill of All Trades. But she’s really a juggler, with a dizzying array of items to juggle. She’s a polyglot, a pedagogue and a didactics expert. And if those words sound like Greek (they are!), she has also written a dozen books, translated over half a million words between five languages, anchored programmes on television, done voice overs, jingles and backing vocals, interpreted for the Pope, and of course conducted quizzes for school and college students, corporates and miscellaneous audiences on a variety of subjects. She loves the quaint and the quirky, and believes that knowledge should be interesting, entertaining and universal.

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Kunal is a trained and practising architect, but you can’t throw a random name or event from history at him without a relevant, referenced rejoinder. He’s a dedicated cricket statistician and crunches trivia apparently out of thin air. In short, Kunal cannot be slotted. He started reading barely a year from the time he learned to speak, and his thirst for knowledge refuses to be slaked. Kunal has worked on over a thousand quizzes, done over 50 episodes of quizzing on TV as a host and has wowed participants and audiences across India and beyond. His zest for knowledge is boundless, as are his horizons.